A selection of images from the session at Worth Marshes (Lydden Valley RSPB Reserve) on Saturday 11th September.  The white stork stole the show.  Iniatially spotted in flight over Northbourne about two miles away, the enormous bird eventually landed on the scrape right in front of us, causing most of the other birds to take to the air in panic. It was unringed and therefore probably a wild bird not an escapee (another wandering individual from the Knepp Valley rewilding area perhaps?).  Other highlights included two hobby hawking for dragonflies near Great Wood, 2 whinchats and a wheatear.

White stork

White stork

White stork

Wood sandpiper

Note pale eye stripe, yellowish legs and spotted plumage


Note slightly drooping bill and scalloped upperparts


Shoveler and 2 ruff

Note size difference in ruff - smaller female on left

Female shoveler

Note bill shape

Little egret

Eclipse drake shoveler (centre) and teal to side